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Looking for something different for your next birthday party? Why not hire a pony or two!!!! Please read the questions and answers below for more information.


Price List

One pony for one hour                                                $150

Two ponies for one hour                                              $240

One pony for two hours                                              $250

Two ponies for two hours                                            $350                                     

Questions and Answers

Question - What size pony do I need?

Answer - The most popular option is to have one big pony and one small pony. A small pony is suitable for small children up to roughly 35kgs. The big pony can take small children right through to small adults. If you only book the smaller pony, then bigger children who are too heavy won't be permitted to ride.

Question - How do I know if my yard is suitable for ponies?

Answer - We prefer grass or other soft ground to walk on with no sharp or hard objects close by. It is very rare that we have a child fall off, but we like to have a safe area just in case it does happen. We can either work in one big area or create a path to walk around different parts of the garden so long as it is safe.

Question - Are there any other options if I don't have enough room to have a pony at home?

Answer - We can fence off an area for you at the lakefront subject to availability. There are toilets and the playground close by as well as the cafe. I can also provide a table if required for you to bring your own food.

Kids with Pony
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