We currently have two inflatables which we hire out for $80/day. One is a dry one, and the other is a water one, although the dry one can get wet and the water one can be used dry if you would prefer making it suitable for all year round. 

Bubble Play Centre

  • Age: 3+

  • Maximum Players: 3

  • Weight: 45kg per child - Max weight 136kg on inflated area

  • Size: 3.0m (L) x 2.8m (W) x 1.75m (H)


Water Slide

·         Age: 3+

·         Maximum Players: 4

·         Weight: 45kg per child - Max weight                                136kg on inflated area

·         Size: 4.0m (L) x 3.15m (W) x 2.3m (H)

Questions and Answers

Question - Do I need to pay a bond?

Answer - At this stage I don't require a bond or deposit. This may change in the future if I have problems. However I will charge if the inflatable comes back late, damaged or wet.

Question - How far in advance do I need to book?

Answer - Some days are booked months in advance, and other times we have no bookings for an entire weekend. To avoid missing out, I would recommend booking as soon as possible. If you are still unsure if you will need one, that is fine. Just let me know, and I can book it in with a question mark by your name. This way if someone else enquires about the same date, I will come back to you and give you first option.

Question - How heavy is the inflatable? Will it fit in a car?

Answer - Our inflatables are smaller domestic quality ones. The plus side of this is that they are more economical, and smaller and lighter making them easier to move around. Each inflatable with it's blower, will fit in the boot of a small car.

Question - Does the inflatable come with everything I need to use it?

Answer - The inflatable comes with the blower and pegs. You will need access to power. I can provide an extension cord for an extra $5. If you have the water inflatable, you will need access to a hose reasonably close to where the inflatable will be set up.

Question - How long is the hire for?

Answer - The hire is for one day, morning to night. Most of the time the inflatable will be available for you to pick up the night before to make things easier for you when setting up your party. If the inflatable is booked out for the next day, it will be required back that evening ready for the next person to pick up. However if it is not booked out, the following morning is normally fine.

Question - How do I make a booking?

Answer - You just need to contact me with the date and inflatable that you would like to book, and your name, address and contact numbers, then I will get it booked in for you subject to availability. You can contact me on 021660804, becks@blazingsaddlesrotorua.com, or my Facebook page here.

Question - Is there a cancellation fee?

Answer - At this stage we do not charge cancellation fees if cancelled more than a week prior. We would appreciate if you let us know when making the booking if you are unsure, then I can contact you to confirm if I have someone else interested in the same date. If you cancel less then a week prior, we may charge a 50% fee to help cover costs for any bookings missed.

Question - What if it rains on the day of the booking?

Answer - There will be no fee charged for cancellation due to bad weather. In most cases, I will be happy to wait until the last minute, even part way through the day to wait and see what the weather is going to do and if you want to go ahead.