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Redwoods Horse Treks


Blazing Saddles Rotorua established in 2017 and has recently expanded to include horse treks. The Redwoods is a popular spot for tourists and locals for walking and horse riding. Join us for a trek through the redwoods and experience some of the amazing views. We have an amazing team of horses and ponies and can cater for all levels of experience and different ages. We are available most days for groups of up to four or five if someone is going to be on lead rope with flexible times so please get in touch to make a booking.


Available treks

One Hour $70 or $50 for Rotorua locals - We have a couple of different one hour treks available. One is suitable for the more confident rider whilst the other is an easier track suitable for all ages. There is the option to lead beginners or younger riders if required and we do also have smaller ponies available for younger children. We do not have an age limit, although the child must be able to balance confidently on the pony. Please make sure that you are honest about the riding ability so that we can pick the most suitable horse for you.

Two and a half hour trek $120 or $100 for Rotorua locals - This is a longer track which is only suitable for more confident riders with basic experience. This track has some awesome views over the city. There will be the opportunity to trot if required and possibly a nice controlled canter. However most of the track is shared so we do need to be careful of other forest users. We will ride to the ability of the least capable rider, so please let me know when you make the booking if you would like to go faster. This is a beautiful ride which is extremely enjoyable without the need for cantering to enjoy it. 

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